Maggie Maiers Architect


We were looking for an architect for our addition and remodel, when our neighbor who had recently been to another of Maggie's house addition/remodels suggested we call her. Our house is a typical Alameda bungalow. We remodeled the kitchen and added 600sq.ft. (2 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry and deck). We interviewed several architects who were happy to show us their glossy portfolios of projects that had nothing to do with our project. Maggie was the only one who showed us local projects of hers that were similar and along the same lines as what we were trying to accomplish. She was a pleasure to work with throughout the project and was always available for changes. Maggie's design worked very well for our house, it flows well and everyone that has come through has a hard time figuring out where the addition starts and the old house ends! The main thing that we liked about Maggie was that she spent a great deal of time to make sure it was what WE wanted. She was very realistic in her design for our budget. Maggie did a wonderful job working with the City of Alameda building and planning departments. Our plans went through with only very minor changes. We can highly recommend Maggie for any project you might have.
Mark and Heather M.

Working with Maggie Maiers, with her designing and creating my new kitchen, was a most positive experience, start to finish. From getting her time and cost estimates, studying her beautiful draftsmanship, her securing permits and monitoring the contractor's work, the project went very smoothly throughout. She is a delight to work with.
Estelle K.

If you were to ask me "the ultimate question" - would I hire Maggie Maiers again, we'd wholeheartedly say "Yes" and we have. Maggie was instrumental in designing not only an aesthetically pleasing but also a highly functional kitchen that seems so much bigger than we believed we could accomplish. Moreover, her patience and informed guidance made this profound kitchen remodel a dream come true. We transformed a 1914 Victorian plywood kitchen to a contemporary indoor/outdoor kitchen living space that never ceases to amaze our visitors whereby the exterior architectural elements (facing our backyard) remind our guests of a Japanese Pagoda. She also shephered the permit process with the city and it was simply a delight to work with Maggie. We've recommended her to everyone who merely mentions a kitchen remodel and several of our friends have hired Maggie as well and sing her praises post their engagemnets. Five stars from a most happy customer in Alamada.
Nicole K.

We hired Maggie as the architect on our kitchen remodel project in Spring 2008. Our kitchen had little work surface and felt crowded. Our family room was so dark it felt like a cave, separated from the rest of the house. Maggie flawlessly incorporated our needs, translated our wants into practical tangibles, and offered wonderful ideas for transforming our kitchen and family room space into one large bright space. We find that a space we avoided much of the time has become part of the space in which we happily spend most of our time.
Wendy T.